how to Increase your worth at a time like this


The way you increase your worth in good and bad economies is simple, but very hard for most people achieve.

First, note that the amount of money you recieve is directly tied to:

  • the demand for what you do
  • the difficulty of what you do
  • how hard it would be to replace you

Your business value is not how much you’re worth as a human, because ALL humans are precious in God’s sight.

Your value is directly tied to whom you serve. Huh?

A man working as a fast food cashier probably can be replaced almost at anytime, so he is paid less. ESPECIALLY if he does not provide much value to the company by serving the customer in a satisfactory manner. Nope, won’t be in that position long at all. Let’s give him $10 an hour.

But this same man, to his family and church family serves with all…

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Published by Jeff D. Banks

Jeff Banks, AKA the "ECE Tech Geek", has been inspiring young people for over 20 years. In 2016, he decided to take the things he has been learning: teaching, technology, self-development, personal growth... and put them into book form. With the Flipped Pre-school, Jeff takes the things he loves, Technology & Learning, and combines them to help teachers make their family life and classrooms fun and exciting! Leaders who implementing new and innovative discoveries in these areas, he feels that those will be the "never-forget you" people that will have the most impact and influence over students and their families. Jeff Banks has been in the Early Childhood Education field of study since he started teaching in at Kidovations in early 2004. He also helped with the technical side of the school, creating spreadsheets, forms, and presentations. He eventually added computers, tech devices, and video recording into everyday school activities. Today at Kidovations, he implements new software, various tech products, and even though he is out of the classroom as a teacher, he is the school's IT Specialist and still gets to play with all the kids everyday! With multimedia & social media, he uses technology to connect families to the classroom and creates life long memories from being at Kidovations Educational Experience.

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